Esopus Meadows Preserve  "Scenic Hudson Valley" | Esopus Ulster County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Esopus Meadows Preserve "Scenic Hudson Valley"


Ulster County

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Esopus Meadows Preserve
Town of Esopus, Ulster County
Hudson River Valley, New York State

The Esopus Meadows Preserve is located in the Town of Esopus, along the Hudson River, south of Kingston, in northeastern Ulster County, New York State. This 93-acre preserve is owned and managed by Scenic Hudson.

From Scenic Hudson: "Esopus Meadows Preserve is great for introducing children to the glories of nature along the Hudson River. Its variety of trails allows you to tailor a trek to the stamina of young legs. You can begin by hiking through a rolling forest landscape alive with birdcalls, the chatter of small mammals and a gurgling stream, or follow the shoreline to a dramatic lookout. Whichever route you choose, arrive at the preserve's Hudson River Greenway Water Trail site at the midpoint of your outing. Its pavilion and tables are perfect for a rest and a picnic. The views here are well nigh perfect, too. Esopus Meadows Lighthouse looms in the distance downriver, while grand Mills Mansion is slightly to the left across the Hudson. But where are the meadows? They're underwater. The place got its name because farmers brought cattle to feast on plants growing in the shallow offshore tidal flat, now a prime breeding ground and nursery for fish. The cows are long gone, but you're likely to see a profusion of boats from pleasure craft to football-field-sized container ships. And if you're really lucky, you may spot a bald eagle."

Things To Do at Esopus Meadows Preserve
Bird Watching for Bald Eagles
Fishing in Esopus Island
Hiking and walking trails at Esopus Meadows Preserve
Nature hikes and Nature Study
Kayaking & Canoeing at Esopus
Picnicking at Esopus Meadows Preserve

    Winter Activities at Esopus Meadows Preserve
    Cross Country Skiing
Additional Information
Hudson River Greenway Water Trail site
Portable toilet
View of the 1871 Esopus Lighthouse in the Hudson River.

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After a day of birding, hiking, or fishing in Esopus Island, pack a picnic from the healthy produce at one of the Farmers Markets in Ulster County. Or, select one of many excellent restaurants in New Paltz or greater Ulster County.

Location: Esopus

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