Long Path Trail 15 - 20:  Hiking / Biking Southern Catskills |  Ulster County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Long Path Trail 15 - 20: Hiking / Biking Southern Catskills

Ulster County

Long Path Trail 15 - 20: Hiking / Biking Southern Catskills

Long Path Trail 15 - 20: Southern Catskills - Hiking and Mountain Biking the Long Path Trail

"These sections of the Long Path mark the beginning of the route through Catskill Park. The Catskill Park has spectacular scenery and considerable rugged terrain. It passes over Slide Mountain, the tallest in the Catskills. Nowhere does the Long Path go higher. Small villages nestled in the valleys provide a break from the traverses through dense forests carpeting most of the Catskill Mountains. Most of its route follows DEC trails maintained by the Trail Conference. The trails are generally marked with different colored plastic markers. These are usually the only trail identification except at major trail junctions. The LP aqua paint blaze is reserved for when the trail crosses private property and road sections. As the Long Path changes frequently from one DEC trail to another, hikers must watch carefully for turns and make sure that they are on the proper trail. Most trail DEC junctions have signs that give the trail names and the direction and distance to important points (Distances are not always accurate on these signs.). At many of these intersections, a plastic Long Path marker indicates the route of the Long Path. Camping is permitted on State land at elevations below 3,500 feet (this elevation is usually marked by signs along the trails), and at locations at least 150 feet away from trails and water. The Long Path also passes several DEC lean-tos and campgrounds."

    Orange County and Shawangunks Long Path Hiking Trail
  • 15. Berme Road to Riggsville
  • 16. Riggsville to Bull Run
  • 17. Bull Run to Denning Road
  • 18. Denning Road to Wittenberg Mountain
  • 19. Wittenberg Mountain to Phoenicia
  • 20. Phoenicia to Silver Hollow Notch
Additional information about Hiking the Long Path Trail, including all sections of the trail, following the Hudson River from New York City through Rockland, Orange, Ulster, Greene, and Albany counties; estimated at 350 miles.

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Outdoor Things to Do on the Long Path Trail
Bird Watching
Camping Primative
Mountain Biking
Photo Opportunities
Scenic Views
    Winter Activities
    Cross-Country Skiing

Location: Ulster County

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